What is this force of the sacred feminine?

Why does it still feel separate?

Who are you, oh Mother, who dwells inside and all around us, who nourishes and inspires us with your beauty?
Who are you, who brings us into this world of matter, and enchants us with the great cosmic illusion?
Who are you, who after so many lifetimes of slumber begins to awaken within us as divine consciousness?
Quan Yin
Mother Mary
Who are you, oh Mother of so many faces, worshiped in different forms so as to awaken specific virtues within us?
Who is Mother Mary within us?
Who is Isis?
Guan Yin?
The dryads, and so many others?
Girl meditating
And in whom have you begun to awaken?
Who are your devotees, what's their story, and which practices help them invoke your presence within themselves?
Girls hugging
Which gatherings, festivals, workshops and retreats focus on activating shakti energy?
What are people's experiences like, and what's right for me?
When and how can we empower and connect Goddess-lovers the world over?
Oh Mother, life is just so much more fulfilling with people in whom you have awakened.
What's the point of life without you? It's just so superficial, so lackluster...
Please end this illusion of separation, and once and for all...
Please Awaken.
Star woman
Oh Mother, we see you everywhere.
Moving beyond the confines of religious beliefs and mental conditioning, we start to feel you in infinite ways...
Please reveal yourself to us, with your boundless compassion, your profound acceptance and patience as we repeatedly walk in cycles of ignorance.
Oh Mother, if you yourself created this spell, you have the power to break it!
Pregnant Goddess
Oh Divine Mother, if you are currently undergoing labor pains, wanting to give birth to the Truth, how can we ease that pain?

What we
work towards

Water and trees

Compassion all around us

The Divine Mother is in everything and everyone. How is she worshipped in traditions the world over? What does each of her manifestations have to teach us about ourselves and life as a whole? What is the energy of shakti within us, and how can it be activated? Learn from stories and devotional rituals that bring this power to life, and help us awaken that divine compassion in every act we take, until our lives can become one pure act of devotion. We're just returning to who we are, beneath all those thick layers of illusion. How is it that Mahamaya, the Goddess herself, envelops us in this dream, and what does it take to break free?

Woman with rose-colored glasses

Purifying fear and hatred

Contemplating "the Mother" in whatever tradition can often be an abstract intellectual exercise or an empty ritual where you just go through the motions... because in truth, most of us are pretty dead to it all. How can we possibly feel such a power if we are subconsciously still armed to the teeth in a state of total war with our girlfriends or our biological mother? Before the profound wells of authentic devotion can be awakened we need to free ourselves from the layers of resentment and numbness towards the women closest to us, and that usually entails a long psycho-spiritual journey. Ready to dive in?

Reflection of a circle

People who connect

Whether looking at the distortions of the masculine and feminine principles, or activating a spiritual connection with the Mother, it's good to be around people who are on this journey of awakening. Who is in this community? Which creative gatherings near us bring this community together? What about the workshops, retreats and festivals that focus on it? Which movements are inspiring people to have a renewed respect for nature and the feminine in all of its expressions? How can we listen to and help the Divine Mother, as she struggles to give birth to the Truth?

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